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Guide to Choosing the Right Exterior House Paint Colors

Choosing the right exterior house paint colors can be a daunting task to do. However, it does not mean you should do nothing and leave the decision to your home exterior designer only. Considering it is your home exterior you are thinking about, follow these tips to guide you deciding the right exterior paint color to improve the appearance of your living space!

Alluring House Design with Interesting Exterior House Paint Colors and Small Balcon plus White Columns

If you do not perform a major home renovation, it is always a good idea to go for exterior house paint colors ideas that can match the look of elements hardest to change, such as roof shingles, driveways, pathways, and stonework. Therefore, your new home exterior color can harmoniously improve the appearance. Apart from that, do not forget to consider the architectural style and era of your current home. It’s a good cue to choose the right exterior paint color for proper feel and impression.

The visual effect you are after for your home exterior update should be considered too. This means mulling over the relationship between your home and the landscape and the street. For example, if your home’s surrounded by cluster of towering trees, using brighter or lighter paint color can make your home stand out and darker hue will make it seem to recede.

White Garage Door Color on Modular Wall House and Amusing Exterior House Paint Colors plus Nice Window

When you choose paint shades, it’s recommended to pick three or more different shades. They are for field color, accent color, and trim color. Trim color is usually to contrast the field color strongly imagine it like eyeliner. And last but not least, just like when you repaint home interior, do not rely only on paint chips. Buy a quart of paint color; test it on a discreet area of your home. Observe and study under various weather conditions and at different times of day. Therefore, even the best exterior house paint colors ideas will work greatly and properly for you.

Astonishing Architecture Design and Had Two Garage near Nice Porch plus Grey Exterior House Paint Colors

Awesome House Model with Cool Column for Porch and Nice Exterior House Paint Colors plus Calm Front Door Color

Casual Porch for Two Type Exterior House Paint Colors and Simple Laddersteps closed Plants Growth

Cozy Porch Space plus Tiny Furniture and Amusing Exterior House Paint Colors House facing Fresh Front Yard

Nice Porch plus Simple Posts closed Rails facing Low Fence and Exterior House Paint Colors

Pastel Exterior House Paint Colors and Modular Wall Model plus Tile Window Design near Nice Porch

Red Front Door Color between Amusing Wall Lamp Design on Pastel Exterior House Paint Colors

Small Front Yard and Amusing Porch beside Garage Space plus Interesting Exterior House Paint Colors

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